Radnor Indoor Bowling Association


The stadium is open to members, local visitors and tourists who can enjoy all of the facilities which include first class catering with a bar and lounge area. For the beginner and those who have none of the necessary equipment, the stadium can provide the footwear and the bowls without charge for as many sessions as required. This is a great way to start without the expense of buying equipment.

Membership is open to all regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs.

Membership fees vary and from 1st October 2018 to 30th September 2019 the annual fees are shown below.

Class of Membership Annual Fee Conditions
Full £53.00 None
Senior £48.00 Same benefits as full member and open to ladies over the age of 60 and men over the age of 65 on 1st. October in the year of membership.
Junior £16.00 Open to male and female applicants who are 18 years old or less and in full time education on 1st. October of the year of membership.
Social £10.00 Excluded from voting at Annual and Special General Meetings and from using the green at the Full member green fees.
For those members joining after the 1st January 2018, membership fees are based on a pro rata rate as follows:
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep
Full £39.75 £35.30 £31.00 £26.50 £22.00 £17.60 £13.25 £9.00 £4.50
Senior £36.00 £32.00 £28.00 £24.00 £20.00 £16.00 £12.00 £8.00 £4.00

 Green Fees

Members 1 hour Fee 2 hour Fee
Full/Senior £2.00 £3.00
Junior £1.00 £2.00
Non-members 1 hour fee 2 hour fee
Full/Senior £4.00 £6.00
Junior £1.00 £2.00



October 2017 - April 2018

Monday - 10am - 10pm

Tuesday - 10am - 10pm

Wednesday - 10am - 10pm

Thursday - 10am - 10pm

Friday - 10 am - 10pm

Saturday - 10am - 6pm

Sunday - 10am - 6pm